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Olympico Cafe Restaurant

A multipurpose space created by young people, with passion and opinion for organizing events.


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Enjoy the view of Patraikos gulf!

The Olympico cafe consists of a 280 sq.m. cafe and a well-organized multi-purpose hall that functions as a children's playground. Its visitors can enjoy with a view...


Wedding, Birthday, Name day, Graduation

For our little friends there is a playground where they can have fun

Coffee, flavored drinks and drinks of your choice

Rich varieties accompanied by cool drinks


The space of the Olympico Cafe Restaurant can perfectly adapt to the character of any party, private invitation for food, dance or other activity.

  • Wedding & Baptism Reception
  • Invitations & Parties
  • Corporate Events

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Unique Playground

Upon entering the Olympico Cafe Restaurant, you will encounter not a classic playground, but an original multi-space of imagination and creation.

Olympico Restaurant

Hospitality, service, kindness, quality in raw materials, taste, relaxation, art and aesthetics are the ingredients we mix every day at Olympico Cafe Restaurant to offer each guest a special experience.